One Direction LOVE Pokémon (apparently)

If Simon Cowell is to be believed, One Direction are soon to be the biggest boy band on the planet, eclipsing all other boy bands with their swoon-inducing pubescent voices and barely legal sexual allure *shudder*.

Currently on tour with the rest of the X Factor cast-offs, One Direction are now getting their first taste of life on the road, and all the sex, drugs and er… Pokémon that go with it.

Yes according to the marketing gurus at Nintendo, Harry would rather hunt Pikachus than pussy, clearing up that unfortunate whisper incident once and for all.

When interviewed by the latest graduate of the Konnie Huq school of presenting, Zayn (aka the feisty one) reveals that his favourite aspect of Pokémon is ‘battling.’ While Harry (aka the sensitive one) prefers to focus on filling his Pokédex and developing a relationship with his Pokémon. Er… right.

So we’re supposed to believe you’re turning down sexy time with teenage fans (and the not-so-teenage Rebecca Ferguson) so you can catch that elusive Jigglypuff instead? Hmmmm.

Congrats to everyone at Nintendo and One Direction HQ for the most insincere bit of marketing this year!

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